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Customization Of New Carnival Game

If you have new carnival game idea that you would like to customize it out for your event, contact us with your concept of the game and we will offer free consultation and quotation.

Transforms Existing Carnival Games To Fit into Your Theme

Organizing a Campaign event?

To create a Public Awareness event?

Hosting a Corporate Launch event?

We can help you to do so by creating new or existing carnival games to fit into your theme event. You may provide your artwork or we can recreate the artwork for you.

NCCS_The Butt Stops Here

NCCS_Colorectal Game

Create 4D Carnival Game Stalls for your Theme Festival or Events.

We can create carnival game “Out of the Box” for you!

We can customized Carnival Game Stalls in various platforms, not only our existing portable game box.

Email us for more information and our event manager will contact you shortly.

Customization Of Carnival Games into Inflatable version

CarnivalGuru is your perfect destination that you can rely on to make your event truly entertaining and exciting for guests. Our carnival game stalls customization solutions focus on making your game idea or concept practical, appealing and entertaining. You can contact us for a free consultation and a non-obligatory quotation.

Under our guidance, you can add a new game or existing game to your party theme in a harmonious way. If you any artwork of your own, you can send it to us to customize it exactly according to your needs. We bring innovative and creative ideas to make your event unique and unbelievably endearing for your guests.

You don’t have to worry about price when it comes to hiring CarnivalGuru for carnival game stalls customization services. Our prices are highly reasonable and you can save a lot of money with our solutions. If you have any doubt, you can talk to our customer support team.


Yes; you can contact us for any type of event. We offer carnival game stalls customization for campaign events, private parties, public awareness events, corporate launch events, shows and many other events. You can expect out of the box ideas from us. We know how to fit your idea or concept into your theme event perfectly.

You can contact us through phone, email or by submitting an online requester. Our event manager will contact you immediately and talk in detail about our carnival game stalls customization services. You can expect the most convincing answers from our experts.