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Carnival Food Stall for Rent in Singapore

Searching for Carnival food stalls to boost your event atmosphere?

Fortunately, Carnival Guru exists to assist you in the Carnival Food Stalls Rental. Worry no more because making your event successful and memorable is now made easier. There are numerous party ideas that can either ‘’ make or break’’ your event. So, it is essential that you pick the best and reliable event company that offers timely and efficient food stall for rent Singapore services.

Carnival Guru believes that food to serve at any event is one thing that every client should take for consideration when planning an event. If you want a unique catering style then why not consider having Carnival food stalls rental at your event? Carnival Guru is proud to offer carnival food stalls for rent Singapore services which fulfill your exact event needs!

thai ice popsicle

Thai Ice Popsicle

carnival food stall

Kacang Puteh Stall

carnival food stall
Nachos & Cheese Station

Grilled sausage live station
Grilled Taiwan Sausage Live Station

Chicken Nuggets Live Station
Chicken Nuggets Live Station

Mini Pizza Live Station

Mini Pizza Live Station

Fish nuggets

Fish Nuggets Live Station

carnival food stall
Kueh Pie Tee Live Station

Ting Ting Candy Live Station

Chocolate Fondue Station

waffle ice cream
Waffle Live Station

carnival food stall
Dragon’s Beard Candy Live Station

candy booth
Candy Cart Station

carnival food stall
Malt Candy Live Station

carnival food stall
Prepack Malt Candy Station

thai ice milk tea
Thai Ice Milk Tea

carnival food stall
Snow Cone Live Station

Prepack Popcorn

Prepack Candy Floss

Prepack Kacang Puteh

carnival food stall
Ice Kachang Live Station


There is a lot of food stalls options available for rent on CarnivalGuru that you can opt like Popcorn Machine Rental,Hotdog Machine Rental, Churros Live Station, Thai Ice Popsicle and many more.

It’s an important part before planning any event because the visitors should be satisfied with what they consume and enjoy the event. So, it would be better to choose the food stalls that you want to place in the event in advance to satisfy the starving needs of the visitors.

  • Try these helpful tips to attract customers on your food stalls.
  • Commanding signage. Your stall name should be clear and visible from a distance.
  • Intuitive layout. The layout of your stall makes its own impression on the customer.
    Impressive pre-promotion.
  • Diverse payment options.

To sell food at any festivals, you’ll typically need some type of vendor’s license or food handler’s permit. So before placing any stalls you should collect information about this.