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Bowling Alley

Are you planning to organize your kid’s 10th birthday? Then you can consider engaging them in bowling to give the birthday party a new dimension altogether and keep the kids entertained.

Bowling is a great form of entertainment that is inexpensive, widely available and is fun to play. It is a light form of exercise that eases up the body. While most games require the participants to be in good shape, bowling can be enjoyed by almost anyone of all age groups or gender. Bowling involves twisting, lunging and stretching motions that help to improve your body’s flexibility over time. Kids enjoy bowling as there is a great satisfaction in seeing the pins getting knocked down. It is a very sociable sport too.

But renting an actual bowling alley can be an expensive affair. So, you can get in touch with us at CarnivalGuru where we rent portable bowling alleys at an affordable price that can turn your kid’s special day really exciting. We use folding alleys with small and lightweight balls that are easy to manage by the kids. Normally we provide 3 to 4 balls for tipping over six bowling pins. For younger kids we give additional rolls.

We are a leading event management company renting top-quality event equipment and services in Singapore. We provide reliable services at affordable rates. With a team of experienced professionals we can promise to offer you world-class facilities. So get in touch with us today to make your kid’s birthday a successful event.