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Experience the thrill of cash raining down on you with the Cash Grab Booth! Perfect for marketing campaigns at events, stores, and tradeshows, this interactive attraction will captivate your audience.
It is a must-have addition to your next promotional campaign.

(known as “Wind Chamber”)

You may call it a Cash flow machine, Money Machine, Money Blowing Machine, Cash Cube Machine or Ticket Blowing Machine, we offer rental services for what you need. With Carnivalguru's best cash grab machines, you can draw attention to your next promotion, event, company giveaway, fundraiser or function. 

There is nothing more exciting than grabbing as much "money" as possible from the air! We know that because it appears so easy and tempting, but before you judge it, we encourage you to give it a try. The cash grab booth always attracts a lot of attention and amazement because everyone wants to grab the cash.


Step inside the Cash Grab Machine and let the excitement take hold as flying notes swirl around, enticing participants to grab as much cash as they can. Perfect for marketing campaigns at events, stores, and tradeshows, this innovative product captures attention and creates a memorable experience for your target audience.
Engage participants in a fun and interactive way, allowing them to immerse themselves in the thrill of catching flying notes.

Cash Grab 

90cm (width) x 100cm x 200cm (height)

Cash Grab Booth
Booth Blower
Delivery and Collection
Dismantle and Teardown

Customised Size

Sizes with height restriction in mall

Cash Grabbing Booth
Booth Blower
Delivery and Collection
Dismantle and Teardown

Hand Grab 

50cm x 100cm x 180cm (height) 

Blower Cabinet
59cm x 48cm x 74cm (height) 
Booth Blower
Delivery and Collection
Dismantle and Teardown


Get Noticed with Cash Grab Booth Branding - Enhance Your Marketing Campaign

Looking to take your marketing campaign to the next level? Look no further than Cash Grab Booth branding. Our professional and eye-catching branding wraps and sticker installations are the perfect solution for businesses and organizations looking to make a lasting impression at events, stores, and tradeshows.

Our Additional Services include:

Branding Wrap

Depending on the design of the sticker cladding, either a partial or a full wrap can be applied.


Lead time is 5 working days.

Grabbing Slips

Printing service for cash grabbing slips. To ensure you get the right size/weight slips, our experienced staff can help.

Lead time is 5 working days.

Timer Display

A timer displayer installation the cash grab machine to display the countdown time.


Hire a service crew to man the booth or to handle the countdown timer during the event.

The Hand Grab Booth is a gre­at option if you want more control over your expe­rience without fully stepping inside­. If getting into the whole-body Cash Grab Booth se­ems like too much, this let's you participate­ with just one hand. You'll catch flying tickets and have all the­ fun without fully committing your body. It's a more relaxed way to e­njoy the exciteme­nt from your own space. Give it a try - you might be surprise­d how much you can still win by just using one hand!