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Why should I choose your company to rent from?

CarnivalGuru is a dedicated rental company who is operated by our event managers with more than 12 years of experience in the event industry.
We take pride in our equipment and will have them ready for your immediate use. We have a professional caring staff who will help you make your event a success.

What is your payment policy?

Cash and corporate checks are accepted in our payment policy. All payment information should be provided to your sales representative, and charges will be made prior to setup is done at the event.

If any additional charges must be applied for missing and/or damaged items, we will contact you further arrangement.

What are your rental cost?

CarnivalGuru is proud to offer competitive pricing on our high quality rental items or services. Please kindly contact us for the most up-to-date price list or for a customized quote based on your needs.

Can you help me to determine the items I might need?

Yes, CarnivalGuru’s rental professionals are always available to help you with your event. We can suggest and propose items to you to help your event to be more fun and entertaining yet run successfully.

When should I place my order?

Generally, order reservations would be advised to place as soon as you have the details of your event to ensure the availability of your desired rental items.

A deposit is required to hold certain items.

What are your hours of delivery?

Normal Delivery hours are 8am to 9pm, Deliveries can be made 24 hours a day but there is an additional fee for deliveries outside normal hours. Please inquire.

Safety Rules

  • Adult supervision of all children is required at all times.
  • Children in jump houses should be close in age.
  • Remove shoes before using jump bounce house, or slides.
  • Keep all sharp objects away from inflatable units.
  • Keep all pets away from inflatable jump bounce houses, and slide units.
  • Keep all food, drinks and snacks away from bounce houses.
  • Stay out of bouncy Inflatables in strong wind or thunderstorms.

Do I need any special equipment to setup?

We come equipped with all the necessary equipment: extension cords, tarps, etc. The blower(s) run off a standard 16amp power outlet, which must be within 50 feet of where you would like the bouncy castle setup. We do ask that you have the area where you want the bouncy castle setup clean of rocks and other sharp objects.

What is your cancellation policy?

Term and Conditions: Once we book your event we will turn down other request for that date and item. If your event is cancelled due to any reason, there will be 50% cancellation fee. Once the equipment is delivered there will be no adjustments for Acts of Nature.

What is your rain policy?

Due to the electrocution hazards and increased possibility of injuries, our units will not be installed or used in any weather that will get our bouncy castle wet.

How many kids can play at once?

This is depend on the size of the bouncy castle you are engaging. Chaperones should limit the number of larger children.

Are they safe?

Our bouncy castles are constructed and setup to be as safe as possible. An adult should supervise all play. Our bouncy castles, have netting on all walls to allow for visibility and air circulation and have a ramp for easier entry and exit.

Can they be setup indoors?

Yes, bouncy Inflatables can be setup indoors provided there is enough ceiling clearance. Gyms, auditoriums and other large halls are perfect. Call for more information about dimensions.

How do the bouncy castle stay operating?

They stay blown up by a blower that is fully enclosed to prevent injuries.

How much room is needed to setup the bouncy castle?

You may click into the images of our bouncers , the description page will advice you on each individual bouncer’s space measurement required.

Can I pick up my bouncer and set it up myself?

Unable to. Our prices are inclusive of delivery, complete setup, and pickup. Installation is provided by our trained professional staff. They will set up the rental in the most professional and safe manner possible.

What is the minimum or maximum amount of time I can book a bouncer?

We offer booking by per rental, not by rental durations. Rental of Carnival Guru’s bouncer can be up to a maximum duration of 8 hours.

How far in advance do I have to book my rental?

We ask that you give us as much advance notice as possible. The further in advance you book your bouncer, the greater possibility of booking your first choice.