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Experience the thrill of the Hand Grab Booth, a powerful hand wind chamber machine designed for rental. This exciting money-blowing game allows players to grasp floating gifts or cash, making it an irresistible attraction for event organizers and corporate clients. With its ability to generate excitement and engagement, the Hand Grab Booth is the ultimate marketing tool to promote your company's awareness.

HAND GRAB BOOTH (known as “Hand Grab Wind Chamber”)

Ideal for road shows, promotional events, and product launches, this money blowing machine guarantees a memorable experience for participants. Let the player's hand do all the work as they aim to grab as much as possible from the swirling frenzy of prizes. Create a buzz around your brand and leave a lasting impression on your target audience. Attracting attention has never been easier with the Hand Grab Wind Chamber. Catering to the needs of event organizers and corporate clients, this innovative sales gimmick offers a unique opportunity to captivate potential customers. Boost your business's visibility and create a memorable brand experience.


Choose the Hand Grabbing Booth for a more controlled and interactive experience! If you prefer not to step into the full-body Cash Grab Booth, the Hand Grab Booth allows you to participate with just one hand, catching flying slips and enjoying the excitement in a more convenient and personalized way.

Cash Grab 

90cm (width) x 100cm x 200cm (height)

Cash Grab Booth
Booth Blower
Delivery and Collection
Dismantle and Teardown

Hand Grab 

50cm x 100cm x 180cm (height)

Blower Cabinet 59cm x 48cm x 74cm (height) 
Booth Blower
Delivery and Collection
Dismantle and Teardown

Customised Size

Sizes with height restriction in mall

Cash Grabbing Booth
Booth Blower
Delivery and Collection
Dismantle and Teardown


Elevate your marketing campaign with Hand Grab Booth Branding – Amplify Your Brand Presence If you're seeking to elevate your marketing efforts, consider Hand Grab Wind Chamber Branding. Our expertly crafted and visually compelling branding wraps and sticker installations offer an ideal solution for businesses and organizations aiming to leave a lasting impact at events, stores, and tradeshows.

Our Additional Services include:

Branding Wrap

Depending on the design of the sticker cladding, either a partial or a full wrap can be applied.

Lead time is 5 working days.

Grabbing Slips

Printing service for cash grabbing slips. To ensure you get the right size/weight slips, our experienced staff can help. Lead time is 5 working days.


Hire a service crew to man the booth or to handle the countdown timer during the event.