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Are you planning on hosting a birthday party, fun fair or a carnival? If yes, the color match is an excellent game to include in your event. This is an ideal game for children as it is easy and interesting at the same time.

In this game, players get a few choices of color and they pick out their favorite one from it. In the color box, each of these colors is repeated more than one time in order to increase the odds of winning for the player.

The players would get balls in the color of their choice which they have to match it to the color of the space. This is an excellent game that can enhance the mood around the festivity of your event.

You may feel that investing in a color match game set may not be that wise since the parties and carnivals are only occasional affairs. Instead you can opt for color match game rentals by Carnival Guru.

This game rental would be perfect for a birthday party at home as it can add a nice vibe to your entire event. It is recommended that this color match game be arranged for children who are older than 3 years.

Give an ample amount of space around the game setting so that the children can play it comfortably. If the players are very young, you can adjust the throwing line and bring it closer to make game playing easier for them.

Apart from this, you can even check out the other games offered by us at affordable rates. Experience the world-class services and a wide range of carnival games only at Carnival Guru. Contact us to know more about this.