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Dino RingLoop

Want to host a fun-filled event for kids? The best way to make any event fun for kids is to include a few interesting games to keep them entertained. One such game that is perfect for carnivals, birthday parties, or any such gatherings for kids is the Dino Ring Loop game.

This will definitely interest most of the kids as they are fascinated by dinosaurs. The three-dimensional dino figure peeks out from the game setting which is based on a jungle theme. The players need to use their tossing skills to land the rubber rings around the curved neck of the dinosaur peeking out.

This game set is made colorful and fun to perfectly suit the festive look of a carnival. This game is suitable for all kids who are above the age of four. All they need to focus on is their tossing skills and accuracy to land the ring where they want.

We recommend that you give ample space around this game setting so that the players can comfortably throw the rings at the dino figurine. The throw distance can be easily adjusted by you as per the child’s age and skill level.

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