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Feed TheClown

Are you thinking about planning a carnival or any other festive event at your school? Do you want it to be unique and interesting? No problem! We have got you covered. Carnival Guru is a well-known event management company that specializes in offering rental games designed specifically for festive events like carnivals.

One of the carnival games which never goes out of fashion is Feed the Clown. This is a traditional carnival game that has been continuously played in several festive events for ages. Include this popular game in your event which will surely capture everyone’s attention.

This is a great game that can be played by individuals of all age groups. It is a fairly simple game and does not require any special skills to play. The game includes a board with a clown’s face and instead of the mouth, there is a big gap/hole.

The players will be given a small object like a ball that they need to throw from a distance in such a way that it passes right through the clown’s mouth, hence the name “Feed the Clown”. You can adjust the distance from which the ball needs to be thrown according to the age of the player.

Carnival Guru is a famous company that offers a range of interesting carnival games for rent. Instead of purchasing a whole new game setting at exorbitant prices just for a single event, you can choose to rent multiple carnival games for affordable rates exclusively from Carnival Guru.