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Frog Leap Launcher

Are you on the lookout for a few fun-filled games for a school event like the fun fair? No issues, Carnival Guru can take care of that for you. One of the several carnival games offered by Carnival Guru is Frog Leap Launcher which is sure to grab the attention of your audience.

This is a fun and action-packed carnival game that would be enjoyed by kids of all age groups. This interesting game would guarantee hours of fun for your guests without a doubt. The Frog Leap Launcher game setting offered by Carnival Guru is designed by incorporating several colors to match the theme of any grand festive event.

At one end of the game setting, you can see a frog launcher or catapult and on the other end there is a safe area drawn where the frogs are supposed to land. Between these two spaces there are interesting animal inclusions like the alligator and other swamp creatures.

The player needs to use the catapult to launch the frog in such a way that it lands in the safe space instead of the space in between. You can adjust the level of difficulty of this game by adjusting the number of chances a player gets to land the frog in the safe space.

Carnival Guru has a vast inventory of many such fun-filled games that can keep your guests entertained at any festive event like a carnival or fun fair. Browse through our collection of carnival games and rent out the ones you like at reasonable rates only on Carnival Guru.