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Candy Floss Machine Rental

Our candy floss machine rental service is one of the best in the industry and over the last couple of years, we have perfected our services so there really isn’t anything that we can’t or won’t do for you.

Our cotton candy is made using the finest quality sugars that are spun to perfection. This gives you a melt in the mouth flavor that is incomparable to other providers and it will go down a treat with kids and adults alike! On top of this, we have plenty of colors available as well so it has never been easier for you to spice up your event as well as taking it to that very next level.

The sweet sweet taste of flavored sugar tossed into a floss melting in your mouth, what a sinful delight! The Candy Floss or Cotton Candy has been a treat to our tongues since our younger days and it is still a joy to eat whenever we gaze upon any Candy Floss machine!

With its appealing colors and soft tasty cotton the Candy Floss machine will definitely be making queues at your events, all lined up and watching our candyman twirling the cotton around! Add some sugary delights at your events by renting our Candy Floss Live Station from us now!

Rent a Candy floss machine from us for a hassle-free rental.

Standard Rental Includes

Delivery and Setup Service
Friendly staff for operation of machinery
Premium US grade of ingredients supply
Packaging Materials
Free-flow popcorn give away for rental hour

Optional Add-On Services

Candy Floss Cart
Table with Fitted Skirting
Glitzy Cotton Candy
Candy floss Cones
Dress Up / Wrap Up Candy Floss Machine (Branding Purpose)

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