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You must have been to many birthday parties and fairs when you were a kid. At parties or events, you get to eat lots of delicious food along with cakes, ice-cream and play a variety of games.
However, today the games have changed and they are not just about entertaining kids. Even grownups love playing fun fair games at carnivals or parties. If you are thinking that it can be very costly to add games to your events, you need not worry. You can find big carnival games rental service provider that can provide you with funfair games at cheaper rates.


Whether you are planning a kids’ party, office event, or a community gathering, you can always use carnival games rental to add more fun to your events.

Planning an Event

When you are trying to plan an event at your school or community, you should be clear about what is your ultimate goal for organizing this event. This way it would be easier for you to organize the event and plan the games you want for your guests. Things won’t feel ordinary or disordered.

For raising funds

You might be organizing the event to raise funds. Carnivals are a very good way for fundraising. It could be a school event or a charity event. You can go for big carnival games rental services to raise funds. People can pay to play. It will not only draw more visitors but also help you raise funds for your cause. These rental games would fit your budget and increase the engagement of your target audience.

To engage the local community

Many communities across the world organize yearly fairs and carnivals to socialize and spend some quality time. These events bring neighbors and families together and fun fair carnival games usually are one of the major attractions of these events. Carnival games rental can act as an icebreaker and give the people a chance to know each other and create a better understanding.

Carnivals or fairs can be seen as a friendly and sociable gesture that can help in bringing people close, no matter what their age or profession is. It can be a place where people can have fun and relax with others, away from everyday worries.

A safe place to win prizes

When carnivals use big carnival games rental equipment, they are usually installed and handled by experienced people. These games can be played by both kids and adults. That way people can play the games with their kids and try to win prizes with them. Not only it will also help in strengthening the bond between kids and parents. Another plus is that parents can keep an eye on their kids and make sure that they are safe while playing.

Why Carnivalguru for carnival games stalls rental?

If you are planning a carnival or any other events in Singapore, Carnivalguru can provide you with big carnival games rental services at very affordable rates. You can find the best fun fair games that will attract the attention of both kids and adults and help you keep them engaged in an enjoyable way.

We offer the finest gaming rentals that can help make your event a huge success. Some of our funfair carnival games are:

carnival games

1. Balloon Pop –

It is an easy and entertaining game where the challenge is to pop the balloons. It offers a lot of thrill and delight for the players.

carnival game rental

2. Shoot Duck Carnival –

Shooting games have been a part of carnivals for years. Nevertheless, carnival games can give your visitors a great time yet fit into your budget.

carnival game stall

3. Ring Toss –

Toss the ring on the pop bottles and win the prizes if the ring lands on the neck of the bottles. It does not necessarily have to be the bottles. This game can include other objects as well.



There are many other wide-ranging games stalls available such as Down A Clown, Milk Can Toss, Lobster Pot or Ball in a Bucket, Color Ball, Coin Flip, Ball De Bingo, Ball Stop, Rebound, and more