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Planning a party and don’t want to miss out on something? Wondering how to make the event joyful, entertaining and engaging for the guests? Don’t seem to think of something interesting yet?

Well, don’t bother anymore since giant games have got you covered. There are myriads of ways of bringing back childhood memories in this event. There is no need to just sit and discuss childhood with friends and family; rather, one of the best ways is to incorporate those games that are now only limited to computers and the internet.

Obviously, all guests have grown up playing those interesting games and would love to play them again after such a long time. But, ever thought where to find their elements in Singapore? At CarnivalGuru, there are a wide variety of classic giant games for rent whenever it’s time for a party. Featuring the all-time favorite games, they are capable of making the event full of joy and entertainment.

Ranging from Jenga, Connect 4, Giant Snake and Ladder , Chess and Giant Tic Tac Toe, customers just have to name and we will provide everything within no time.

The best part of our giant games Singapore is that they are life-size games and can be used either outside or inside the event venue. Organizers just have to find enough space for every participant to enjoy to the fullest.

Giant Pick-Up Sticks

With our innovation and enthusiasm to provide something interesting for your next event, we are now introducing this new set of thick wooden pick-up sticks. Perfect for an outside event, these colored sticks can keep everyone busy- be it kids or adults.

These giant pick-up sticks come in a handy bag for safe and secured transfer from one place to the other. Players have to practice a bit to keep their hands steady while removing one stick from the tower, without disturbing others. Whoever removes a coloured stick without destroying or disturbing the rest of the sticks will get a point. So, do a lot of practice before participating in this nerve-wracking game!

Big Rubber Lego

The next from life-size games rental is big rubber giant lego block that is the love of every adult since childhood. Unlike chess, the elements are giant as well as colourful that always look interesting and worthy of playing. There is no age limit of playing them, since our giant game rental are intended for players from all age groups. With brick-size and colourful pieces, there is no room for boredom.

Just take red, blue, yellow and green colored blocks and start building a tower, spaceship, robot or whatever you want!

Ball Pool

Working on those nostalgic games, CarnivalGuru has got another interesting game to keep the party going. Ball pool has been one of the best concepts to engage and entertain kids. Having said that, we have got its giant version for which, organizers have to dedicated a huge space.

While the idea is quite simple, its joy is literally beyond imagination. With a soft foam frame and safety mats, it is one of the safest giant lawn games, ball pool gives an immersive experience to kids and toddlers to explore and interact with colors while keeping their parents comfortable and satisfied for hours.

Giant Jenga

Particularly designed for adults, this game requires control over hand movement. As compared to other games, giant jenja is one of the latest additions that looks easy to play but it’s actually not!

The best part is that it engages multiple players at a time, who are supposed to show the strength of their steady hands by removing bricks one after the other.

If the structure remains at its position, it will be next participant’s turn until there is only one person who places a block successfully.

Our giant jenga game has durable and sturdy plastic base that works well when placed on a flat surface or gram. Then, participants to come out one-by-one to try their luck.

Giant Connect 4

Having a family party? Don’t want kids to run around and create a mess? Then we have got the perfect game for them. Our giant connect four can keep your young guests busy and entertained as long as you want! It’s just about placing the setup out of the home where they don’t get much distraction.

Don’t think that we are limited to these few giant games rental. We are proud to claim that there is much more for our customers. It’s just about giving us an opportunity to get things done as our clients want.





Giant Connect 4, Giant Puzzle, Jumbo Jenga, Giant Tic Tac Toe, Giant Pick Up Stick, and Giant Jenga are the giant life-size games for rental.

Hold the sticks and let them drop to the ground. Then players have to pick up sticks one by one without letting other sticks move. After that add count the score and decide who is the winner.

Players have to pick up sticks and scatter them across the floor by dropping them to the ground. Then, they will proceed to pick up the sticks one by one without moving other sticks.

Pick up sticks are made of plastic or wood and called Jackstraws and spillkins.

The pick up sticks game is around 80 years old game originated in Europe.

The large Legos are called Duplo blocks or Mega blocks.

They are around six inches to one foot long in size.

46x15x15 cm is a standard size of giant Jenga block game that is ideally designed for kids.

The weight of Gaint Jenga is around 10.68 gm per block.

You can stack the Jenga blocks and play Giant Jenga easily.

Giant Jenga game costs between $70 and $80.

Ball pool game is a classification of cue sports played on the table. Each specific pool game has its own name such as straight pool, bank pool, and blackball.

You have to begin by throwing dice and move forward the mat according to the number you get. You can climb a ladder if you end up on its foot. However, you have to slide back to the tail of the snake if you end up on its head.

Carnivalguru is indeed a trusted hub that you can trust. We allow you to take giant twister game on rent at affordable costs.

This game is played on a grid where you are X and your friend O. Players need to put their marks in empty square and one that gets 3 of his marks in a row will be the winner.