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Ice Kacang Live Station

Jellies and nuts covered with chilling shaved ice coated with flavourful colourful syrups! Everyone knows what it is and everyone can never get enough of our beloved Ice Kacang Live Station!

Our Ice Kacang Live Station is now available on Carnivalguru to make the sweet tooth of your guests satisfied! Cooling and refreshing, our Ice Kacang Live Station will also give an eye catching display for your events! So wait no longer and rent the Ice Kacang Live Station from us Carnivalguru now!

Hire our Ice Kacang Station from us for a hassle-free rental.

Standard Rental Includes

Delivery and Setup Service
Friendly staff for operation of machinery

ice kacang live station rental

Do you want to hire the best ice Kacang livestation? You don’t need to look any farther than CarnivalGuru to find the most suitable ice Kacang livestation rental solutions. We offer the best products available today. When it comes to hiring such equipment from us, you don’t have to worry about the price. We offer our equipment at highly affordable prices.

Our ice Kacang live station rental services make your party more exciting and entertaining. The functionality of the device stands taller compared to other rental equipment available on the market. Ice preparation becomes a breeze with our equipment. The product is delivered at your doorstep in a responsible and safe manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

CarnivalGuru provides everything you want. In order to ensure smooth operation, we offer all ingredients. In addition to delivering a highly functional machine and all ingredients, we also make available the services of experienced operators to make your party amazingly entertaining and endearing.

Our prices are the best in the industry. You don’t need to worry about quality, reliability, functionality and efficiency when you hire ice Kacang live station from us. The bottom line is that you can rent a high quality equipment at the most competitive price. We are dedicated to offering an enjoyable renting experience for each client.

Yes; CarnivalGuru offers door to door delivery solutions for our customers. Our topmost priority is to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. The most advanced Ice Kachang Live Station is delivered at your doorstep in a responsible way.