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Balloon POP
Carnival Game Stall Rental
Ball In Bucket
Shoot Duck
Balloon POPBall In BucketShoot Duck


Our game selections include but not limited to the following:

  • Balloon Pop
  • Shoot Carnival
  • Carnival Ring Toss
  • Down A Clown
  • Lobster Pot (Ball in a Bucket)
  • Milk Can Toss
  • Ball De Bingo
  • Coin Flip
  • Ball Stop
  • Color Ball
  • Rebound
  • And many more…

Customization services of Carnival Game stall available, email us to find out more!


Other Services available:

  • Sales of Plush Toys
  • Sales of Game Prizes
  • Carnival Tent Rental
  • Carnival Game Booth Setup
  • Customization of Game Booth
  • Branding of Game Booth


Carnival Tent

Gazebo tent rental

Carnival Booth

small tent rental

Soft Toys

soft toys

Table w/ Skirting

table rental


Why choose us? 

  • Our experience in the business really counts
  • Fast, efficient and timely delivery of our services
  • Our client’s satisfaction remains our topmost priority
  • Free installation and delivery to our surrounding areas
  • Competitive market price for our rentals
  • An expansive array of carnival games selection that suit individual of every age.