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Traditional Biscuit
Live Station

Craving a taste of tradition at your next event? Picture this: crispy biscuits, each bite a delicious ode to classic flavors and culinary heritage. If you're planning an event and looking to add a touch of nostalgia and comfort to your catering menu, traditional biscuit varieties are the perfect choice. From savory options like chive biscuits to sweet delights like mini pineapple biscuit, these timeless treats are bound to impress your guests and elevate the snacking experience.



Traditional Biscuit Live Station is a delightful addition to any event, promising an unforgettable experience for guests. These stations feature a variety of traditional Singaporean biscuits, adding a unique twist that infuses charm and nostalgia into your gathering.

Incorporating the Live Station into your event offers more than just a culinary treat—it engages guests in an interactive experience. They can personally select and customize their snacks, fostering a sense of involvement and enjoyment. It transforms the food station into a memorable, sensory journey.

Appealing to guests of all ages, it offers a vibrant array of authentic flavors and nutty options. It's a timeless snack that transcends generations, captivating both the young and the young at heart.


  1. Cart
  2. Table with Black skirting
  3. Customized varieties of biscuits
  4. Customized paper cones
  5. Customization of  Pre-pack Packaging 

Reason for Choosing Us


Competitive Pricing

We understand the importance of budgeting for your event, which is why we offer competitive pricing for our traditional biscuits live station rental service.


A Memorable Experience

We take pride in creating unforgettable experiences. Our traditional biscuits live station rental service is designed to captivate your guests and leave a nostalgia impression. 


Professional Staff 

Our team of experienced staff members is committed to delivering the highest level of service. From the moment we set up the live station to the end of your event, our professional staff will ensure that everything runs smoothly.  



  • 100% Payment (Private Parties)
  • Credit Card Payment (fee applies)
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  • Gebiz 

Traditional Biscuit Live Station usually feature a range of classic Singaporean biscuits, including favorites like gem biscuits, mini fishes, flower pineapple, and various varieties. These biscuits often highlight local flavors and are crafted using traditional recipes.


Yes, the Traditional Biscuit Live Station adds a charming and nostalgic element to a wide range of events, including weddings, corporate functions, cultural celebrations, and social gatherings. It appeals to guests of all ages and backgrounds.


Yes! Long duration, multiple-day, and bundled rentals are eligible for discounts.