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Carnival Hotshot

Want to add some extra excitement to your all-girls party? Girls are known to have real fun in playing hotshot. So if you want to organize an indoor party, you can consider renting a portable carnival hotspot.

Hotshot is a basketball shooting game popularly played in New England. It can be played by one or more than one player. Hotshot is such a game that can be played by even less experienced players and allowing them to compete with the good shooters. It is a unique game that can be fitted to any time frame ranging from 5 minutes to around an hour. Hotshot helps you get a little extra exercise. It improves your hand-eye coordination, fundamental motor skills, fitness conditioning, muscle management and well-being.

We at CarnivalGuru rent out portable backboards with a basket and digital display scoreboard. The backboard has a bright print with a red-colored base. The orange-colored balls are small and light in weight. We give each player approximately 3 chances to toss the ball in the basket and reward the one who manages to toss at least once.

CarnivalGuru is one of the most wallet-friendly event management companies in Singapore that rents event equipment. Our goal is to provide the best of services. Our professional event managers help you organize your event flawlessly. We aim at continuous innovation that makes our company the best service provider in everything you might plan for your event. So, get in touch with us today to hype up your party with our carnival hotshot fun stall and fill your day with a lot more excitement and fun.