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Get the Best Claw Machine Rental Service from CarnivalGuru

Claw machines are a fun and exciting way to keep children and even adults occupied at a party or an event. No one is ever too old to not play a claw machine and win some goodies. Be it a children’s party, a corporate event, an inaugural party, or a carnival, a claw machine attracts a lot of crowds and keeps them entertained for a while. Carnival Guru is a reliable place for Claw Machine rental in Singapore. What you wish to add to the claw machine would be your choice. Give your guests some gifts or use the machine to pick a winner of an event. The choice is yours.

No party can be complete without some extra fun. Place the claw machines at strategic places to get more people to use it, though you can be assured that a claw machine is like a magnet. No matter where you place it, guests will find their way to it. But, are you going to buy a claw machine for the purpose? Of course not! There is no reason to purchase a claw machine to use it for a few hours or days.

CarnivalGuru is an event company that supplies claw machines for rent. We provide all the equipment you need to organize a party or an event. We also offer our services in organizing the event. This way, you get the dual advantages of renting the claw machine and utilizing our services.

Since you directly contact us for the claw machine rental services, you will not have to pay any middlemen for the same. We offer an array of claw machines for you to choose from, that too, at an affordable and cost-effective price. The claw machines can be customized to suit the colors and themes of the event.

Wouldn’t it look good when the claw machine at a princess-themed birthday party had castles and rainbows on it? We’ll do it for you. Tell us what kind of details you want on the claw machine, and we’ll customize it as per your requirements.

We will deliver the claw machine at the location after ensuring that it is working perfectly. We cater to events and parties throughout the region. We will install the claw machine at the venue and help you by clearing your doubts about its usage. CarnivalGuru has been renting claw machines for years. Contact us to rent a claw machine today.

In the meantime, here are a few things you might need to know about claw machines. If you have more questions, we will gladly answer them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, a claw machine is the same as the claw crane. It is also known as a toy crane or a skill crane. It is a kind of arcade gaming machine where a claw-shaped arm is moved using a joystick to pick and drop the items inside the machine. Standing tall like a booth, it has glass on three sides for you to see the insides. Toys, balls, or anything else can be stocked in the machine. You insert a coin and start playing the game. These can be used in both indoor and outdoor events.

The primary reason to use a claw machine is to keep the guests entertained and interested. For promotional or corporate events, claw machines can be used to choose random winners or keep the kids occupied. They can be used to attract more crowds to the store or the venue.

Yes. You can rent as many claw machines as you want. It depends on the type of the event, the space of the venue, and the number of guests you are inviting. If it is going to be a carnival or an outdoor party, you can space the claw machines throughout the venue so that everyone would get a chance at least once. It’s entirely your choice, though we can help you decide.

CarnivalGuru accepts online payments through PayPal and Stripe. You can also pay the rent at our office.

Yes, you can. Claw machines can be customized to suit the color scheme/ theme of the event. It can have the logo of your brand and promote the business while providing the guests with some entertainment.

No, you do not need to obtain any special license to rent a claw machine. That said, you should be careful and rent it from the best possible sources such as CarnivalGuru. Defective claw machines can cause unwanted problems.