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Animal Ride Rental – All the kids to be frolicking about!

Let kids enjoy a wild one with our Kiddy Animal Ride. They are designed to give children an adventure from the first ride they take, till the last one.

Why choose us for this fun ride experience?

Choose the animal

There are a variety of beautiful animals to choose from. Hence you get a list, and you pick your favourite animal.


These “animals” are maintained regularly to ensure they are in good shape for use.


We clean all the “animals” regularly in order to maintain their appearance and for safety purposes.

Easy Animal Ride

Our designs have your kids in mind. Therefore, they are easy to operate, giving the kids an easy time while having fun.

Each ride is 5 minutes, after which you have to press the button and step back on the paddle.

A great addition for your events or kids’ parties. Create a memorable events for your guest now!

What are you waiting for? Contact us and choose your favourite animal rides rental!

Not only we provide kiddy animal rides for kids, we do have exciting and adrenaline rush rides for the adults such as :

  • Daytona Arcade racing
  • Mario Kart Arcade racing
  • Initial D5 Arcade racing
  • Initial D3 Arcade racing

Find out more at https://www.carnivalguru.com.sg/arcade-machine-rental/

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