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Adobe Singapore Friends and Family Day

 Friends and Family Day is all about fun and happiness. And we made that happen with impeccable planning of different events that covered everything from games to food, tarot reading, and tattoos.

Happiness is when you spend some quality time with your friends and family, and we make it fun with our tinge of carnival activities. Events are fun, but it goes to a different level altogether when you get into some activities with your friends and family. And we, at CarnivalGuru, knows exactly how to make that event memorable.

Adobe Singapore Friends and Family Day was one such event catered by us that we can definitely list in our memory lane. We had a number of carnival activities for everyone, right from the children to the adults. After all, age group matters, doesn’t it? But these events are more surprising because it brings out the child in each one.

Some of our highlights of the events were –

Carnival Fun Food Stalls –

No event is complete without mouth-watering and irresistible food stalls. This event too had some of our best carnival fun food stalls. Nothing can go wrong with the basic popcorns, cotton candy, and ice-cream treats. And, so we made it a point to cater these trolleys throughout the event so that kids can get easy access to it.

  • Popcorn Stall

Buttery taste that stays on your mind for sometime after you have it is the specialty of popcorns. This light yet the healthy option of fun food is among everyone’s favorite – rather it is a kid, a parent, or a grandparent. The popcorns, when served hot and fresh, become the center attraction of any event.

  • Candy Floss Machine

Sugary-sweet is another thing that can’t go wrong, especially with kids and families around. The fresh aroma and bubbly pink color are eye-catching for anyone who passes by. On top of that, we don’t only rely on the traditional bubble gum color, we do color code it according to theme or serve it in different colors just for fun.

  • Ice-Cream Cart

These hot days can’ t go unnoticed without an ice-cream truck in the corner. And our traditional ice-cream cart did the same for the event. The traditional ice-cream pushcart was always greeted with a huge crowd and lip-smacking, glorious compliments.

Carnival Game Stalls –

Kids and games go hand in hand, and so our game stalls didn’t go unnoticed at the friends and family event. What was more fun is that even adults tried their hands at the traditional arcade games and show their expertise. After all, a family event is only fun when everyone takes part in it.

The arcade machine stalls for this event was chosen to keep in mind the theme of family and friends. And so, our best arcade stalls of Mario Kart, Bishi Bashi, and Classic Video Arcade made way to the event of Singapore friends and family.

Other Entertainments –

 There were many other entertainment things to keep the crowd well distributed and for keeping things fun. Some of the booths that saw rush as soon as it started were –

  • Tarot Card Reader

Who isn’t interested in knowing their future? And tarot card is one way to keep it guessing. The tarot reading is fun, exciting, and for some a way to look at their future. This stall definitely saw a crowd of believers as well as non-believers that made the event a success.

  • Airbrush Tattoo Artist
  • Women and children did not sway away from this stall for long. The airbrush tattoo artist was well aware with most of the designs that made the temporary tattoo experience fun and precisely heart-warming for many of them.
  • Fun Fair Game Stalls

Lastly, the one section that saw a visit from nearly everyone present in the event was the funfair game stalls. The wide selection of game stalls definitely made the Adobe Singapore Friends and Family day a spicy, successful event.

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